Learn Acol & Bridge Bidding

Practice Bridge while you learn. Many of the lessons below include practice hands and you’ll find more Bridge hands over on our ‘Hand of the Day’ pages.

Open The Bidding at the 1 Level

3A.Your first bid  
3B. 1NT opening bid  
Q3.Opening bids at the 1 level   

Responding to an Opening Bid At The 1 Level

4A.Reply to partner’s suit opener  
4B.Partner opens 1NT, 2NT or 3NT  
4C.Partner opens a suit  
4D.Partner opens a suit  
4E.Partner opens the bidding  
4F.Jump Shift Responder Bids  
Q4.Responding to partner’s opening bid  

Opening Bids at The 2 Level

5A.Opening Strong Two’s  
5B.Opening 2NT  
5C.Opening Weak Two’s   
5D.Benjamin Acol  
Q5.Opening 2 Bids   

Responding To Opening Bids at The 2 Level

6A.Responding to a Strong Club Opening  
6B.Responding to Weak 2 opening bids  
6C.Responding to Benjaminised Acol   
6D.Responding to a Strong 2NT   
Q6.Responding to 2 level opening bids  

Openers Rebids

7A.Opener’s Suit Rebid   
7B.Rebidding NoTrump  
Q7.Opener’s Rebids  

Responding To Opener’s Rebids

8A.Responding to NoTrump rebids  
8B.Responding to Opener’s Suit Rebids  
Q8.Responder Rebids   

Opening Pre-Emptive Bids

9A.Preemptive Bids  
9B.Opening Weak Two’s  
9C.Opening 3 Level Bids  
9D.Opening at the level of 4  
Q9.Pre-emptive opening bids  

Responding To Opening Pre-Emptive Bids

10A.Responding to a 3 level opening bid  

Acol Bridge Bidding Basics

Q1.Basic Principles Quiz  
202.Bid game  
2C.Which Game?  
204.Part game  
2E. Vulnerable or not vulnerable  
2F.Slam in NoTrump – Quantitative Bids  
2G.Bid Slam in a Suit  
Q2.Points, games, slams and vulnerability  

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