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A Complete Bridge Education System

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Hundreds of short, precise and interactive lessons

Game competitions and ladders

Fully commented hands to guide play

Play solo against the computer

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Quizzes and games to test your knowledge

14 beginners Bridge lessons with popup glossary terms, interactive lessons and practice hands.

28 interactive Standard American Bridge lessons with in practice hands and interactive quizzes.

23 interactive Acol Bridge lessons with practice hands and interactive quizzes.

If you’ve never played Bridge before, start with our free ‘How to play Bridge‘ lesson.

Are you already playing Bridge? Improve your Bridge game with our bidding and  card-play lessons, interactive games,  unlimited practice hands and daily competitions.

Play free Bridge hands on our ‘Hand Of The Day’ page and more free Bridge games on our game archive page. 60SecondBridge members can play hundreds more Bridge hands (with expert commentary) in our ‘Hand Of The Day’ and ‘Practice Hand’ archives. Perfect for beginners and improvers.

Acol and SAYC  bidding are both supported.

Learn Bridge online today using all our features.

We have over 400 Bridge lessons online for you here, from beginners ‘How To Play Bridge’ through to more advanced topics like Bridge ‘conventions’, and ‘competitive play’ techniques. Our lessons include online practice hands, quizzes, video tutorials, and interactive examples of bidding and play.

Learn beginners bridge, ACOL, and Standard American bidding