Defense Bridge Bidding

Prerequisites: Beginners Bridge Lessons and Acol lessons or Standard American Bidding lessons

When the opposition have opened and you have the values to play you will need to use a different set of rules to bid. Being Bridge of course as soon as you are ‘the defense’ the rules change (sigh!) the silver lining is however that you can bid with far fewer points with a long (five or more cards) suit.

401. Overcalling
402. Overcalling at the 2 Level
405. Responding to Partners overcall
406. Two Types of Doubling
407. Penalty doubles
408. Takeout doubles
409. Responding to a takeout double
410. Balancing Doubles *
411. Support Doubles
413. 1NT Overcall
414. Total Tricks *

* Full sample lessons with inline glossary and practice hands available here.