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Established 8 years ago to provide a highly effective online Bridge Game education environment, 60SecondBridge lessons now have more than 20,000 views each month.

Using the latest eLearning techniques and integration of the Bridge Online game engine, the 60SecondBridge Club aims to provide the easiest and most effective way to learn Bridge online with short precise lessons, interactive glossaries, learning games, practice hands, competition hands and unlimited Bridge play.

Lee Asher-Simpson
Lee has 25 years experience as an IT teacher and now works in web development. She has post-graduate qualifications in eLearning and adult education.

Lee has played bridge at a senior level for over 30 years and has worked as a bridge teacher in a private bridge club operated by Grand Master bridge players. She still plays bridge at her local bridge club and particularly enjoys playing Teams Bridge.

Dennis Asher
Dennis is a website and game developer with over 25 years experience in web and software development. He is also a ‘Beginning Bridge’ player so apart from his technical roles on the website also provides Lee with an initial ‘beginners view’ feedback of new lessons and activities ­čÖé

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