Bridge Card Play Lessons when you are the Declarer

Prerequisites: Beginners Bridge Lessons and Acol Bridge lessons or Standard American Bidding lessons.

These lessons are intended to help you once you have won the auction and are playing both your own and Dummy’s hand. Playing the hand in the correct place and making your contract with as many overtricks as possible is how to win at Duplicate Bridge.

Beginner Declarer Card Play
302. Counting your losers
303. Planning your play
305. Leading low towards your honors
306. Counting cards in a suit as you play
309. Drawing trumps

Intermediate Declarer Card Play
307. Setting up Long Suits
308.Play the Honor From the Short Hand First
310. Entries
311. Ducking
312. Finessing
313.Eight ever, nine never
314. Opposition Hidden Cards
315. Odds of my Side Suit Being Ruffed
316. Squeeze Plays

* Full sample lessons with inline glossary and practice hands available here.