Bridge Conventions

Prerequisites: Beginners Bridge Lessons and Acol lessons or Standard American Bidding lessons.

Bridge conventions are bids that are artificial ie. they do not give any information about your card holdings – instead they are comprised of a set of artificial bids enabling you share or to gather key information from your partner about important cards and controls in order to bid more effectively.

1C. Slam Bidding – Simple Blackwood convention
1D. Blackwood King Ask
1D. Slam Bidding – Gerber Convention Ace Asking
1E. Slam Bidding – Gerber King Asking
1F. Slam Bidding Control-Bids
2C. Stayman Convention *
2F. Slam in NoTrump – Quantitative Bids
2G.Bid Slam in a Suit
3A. Negative Doubles
5A. Jacoby Transfer *
5B. Responding after a Jacoby Transfer has been completed

* Full sample lessons with inline glossary and practice hands available here.