Bridge Conventions

Prerequisites: Beginners Bridge Lessons and Acol lessons or Standard American Bidding lessons.

NOTE: The lessons below are short extracts from the full-featured interactive lessons in our members area. See the table below for details.

Bridge conventions are bids that are artificial ie. they do not give any information about your card holdings – instead they are comprised of a set of artificial bids enabling you share or to gather key information from your partner about important cards and controls in order to bid more effectively.

1C. Slam Bidding – Simple Blackwood convention
1D. Blackwood King Ask
1D. Slam Bidding – Gerber Convention Ace Asking
1E. Slam Bidding – Gerber King Asking
1F. Slam Bidding Control-Bids
2C. Stayman Convention *
2F. Slam in NoTrump – Quantitative Bids
2G.Bid Slam in a Suit
3A. Negative Doubles
5A. Jacoby Transfer *
5B. Responding after a Jacoby Transfer has been completed

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