Learn To Play Bridge Online

At 60SecondBridge you can learn to play Bridge completely online. 60 SecondBridge is designed to give Beginners, Junior and Intermediate level Bridge players a learning and playing environment with practice hands and interactive lessons on bidding and playing. You’ll also find hundreds of Bridge hands (with expert commentary) to play, take part in daily competitions, and self assessment Bridge quizzes.

This is a ‘lite’ version of the lessons available to members. Our full interactive lessons include in inbuilt Bridge term glossary, instant quiz to test your knowledge and multiple practice hands to play on each subject. Our members area also delivers a new Hand of the Day lesson each day, daily Bridge competitions and unlimited random practice hands to play.

Our Bridge Lessons Are In Five Courses

New to Bridge? – Start With Our Beginner Bridge Lessons

A series of short Bridge lessons designed for absolute newcomers.  The lessons cover Bridge terms, minor suits and major suits, trump contracts and no trumps contracts, and hand evaluation. You will also be introduced to our daily online Bridge game which includes hints you can use to assist you with bidding. Most lessons include practice games and many include full commentary on bidding and play.

Standard American Lessons or Acol Bidding Lessons 

After learning the basics of Bridge, you will then complete a series of Lessons with practice hands to play (there are more practice hands on our ‘Hand of the Day’ pages). After completing your beginner lessons, you’ll move onto bidding lessons. These lessons are divided into ‘Standard American’ or ‘Acol’. 
NOTE: If you live in the UK, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand then we recommend you start learning Acol as that is the standard Bidding System in those countries. Other countries should choose the Standard American lessons. 
By the end of this series of lessons you will be able to bid, understand your partners bids and play Bridge on the computer.  

After learning Standard American or Acol bidding, you can then move on to more advanced lessons:

 On Defense – Bidding & Play Lessons

Competitive bidding   When you find yourself on defense there are many bids still available to you. Standard American or Acol competitive bids are the same and are system independent.

Defensive Play lessons for when you are the opposition and want to attack the opponent’s contract and take the contract light for points for your side. 

Declarer & Dummy Card Play Lessons

Declarer Play for when you have won the contract and need to play your  hand; There are practise hands with hints and guidance about planning your play.

After completing the above series of lessons you will be a Bridge player!

The 60SecondBridge website is divided into two sections, our ‘Public Lessons’ and our ‘Members Only’ section. The table below outlines the differences between the two areas.


‘Members Area’ lessons include inline glossaries for bridge terms, ‘test your knowledge’ instant quizzes and multiple practice hands for each lesson (see video below).
Our members-only lessons are a much faster and more effective method of learning Bridge.

PUBLIC LESSONS (text only)

Our public lessons are text and some images, they are not interactive and generally do not include practice hands. See the members area for a more effective method of learning bridge.