Beginner Bridge lessons

Learn To Play Bridge Completely Online
When you first learn to play Bridge, your very first step should be to learn how to evaluate your Bridge hand. Experienced players with decades of Bridge playing experience have developed powerful techniques for evaluating the strength of a hand.

You can not only use these techniques when you play Bridge, but also adapt them to improve your performance in other card games like Euchre and 500.

The following short beginners Bridge lessons, with interactive learning activities and  Bridge practice hands, will introduce you to these techniques. 

1.Learn To Play Bridge Online  
2.Bridge Terms   
3.Tricks to make your contract  
4.High Card Points (HCP)  
5.Long Suit Distribution Points (LSDP)  *
6.Short Suit Distribution Points (SSDP)  
7. Total Points (TP)  *
8.Suit Contracts  
9.No Trump Contracts  
10.Bridge Suit Order  
11.The Major Suits  
12.The Minor Suits  
13.How to play Bridge on our computer
Quiz 1. Quiz – Hand Evaluation (members only) 

* Full sample lessons with inline glossary and practice hands available here.