Total Points (TP)

Most bidding systems use a point-count system for hand evaluation using a combination of high card points and distributional points.

What is my hand really worth?

Having calculated your HCP (High Card Points) and your DP (Distribution Points) obtain your Total Points (TP) by adding HCP to your DP. Your TP is the total which helps decide whether you should make an Opening Bid or Pass (P). If you are analysing your hand for a No Trump contract do not use total points; use only high card points.

Valuation Scenarios

  • HCP = Yes
  • LSDP = Yes
  • SSDP = No
  • TP = LSDP + HCP
  • HCP = Yes
  • LSDP = No
  • SSDP = Yes
  • TP = SSDP + HCP
  • HCP = Yes
  • LSDP = No
  • SSDP = No
  • TP = HCP only

Total Points (TP) – Practice Game

TP counting for experienced players is effortless but for beginners it can really slow down the bidding. So use our Total Points Practice Game to make your TP counting effortless.

Instant Progress Quiz

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Total Points is the same as High Card points


Your Hand

  • ♠ A K 9 8 7
  • ♥ A K 10 8 6
  • ♦ 4 2
  • ♣4

Exercise: What is the  Total Point (TP) count for the hand? 
Answer: You have 2 five card suits , so 2 DP + 14 HCP your hand is worth 16 TP if it is played in a suit. The DP’s do not count in a No Trumps contract so if you were counting for NoTrumps this hand is only worth 14 TP