Beginner Bridge lessons

Learn To Play Bridge Completely Online

When you first learn to play Bridge, your very first step should be to learn how to evaluate your Bridge hand. Experienced players with decades of Bridge playing experience have developed powerful techniques for evaluating the strength of a hand.

You can not only use these techniques when you play Bridge, but also adapt them to improve your performance in other card games like Euchre and 500.

The following short lessons (with learning activities and  practice hands) will introduce you to these techniques. 

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NOTE: Our beginner Bridge lessons have the unique Bridge terms linked to an online glossary so you can just click on the word and immediately see the definition and a link back to the full lesson if you require it.

Try clicking on HCP to test this feature.

Many lessons include interactive Bridge Hands (members only) and learning activities where you can practice what you have just learned.

Our interactive quizzes will give you instant feedback on right and wrong answers, reinforcing your learning even further.

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