Slam in NoTrump – Quantitative Bids

In bridge there are two types of slams – small and grand. A small slam is bidding for 12 tricks whereas with a grand slam you contract to win all 13 tricks. Slam bidding falls into two groups: notrump slams and trump (or suit) slams.

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In no trumps

Requirements for Notrump Small Slams

Typically, the two main ingredients to bid all the way up to 6NT are

  • A balanced hand facing a balanced hand
  • 33 high card points (HCP) between the two hands

Bidding Notrump Grand Slams

These are also true for grand slam except, you need 37+ points for grand slam. and if you have..

  • A balanced hand facing partners balanced hand
  • 37+ high card points (HCP) between the two hands
  • Controls in every suit

Wouldn’t you like to see a hand in which you have the power to make a small slam in Notrumps? 


♠ Q 9 5
♥ A K 2
♦ K Q 5 4
♣ K J 4

18 HCP


♠ A K 4 3
♥ Q 6 5
♦ A J 8
♣ Q 6 5

16 HCP – These two hands contain 34 HCP enough points for a small slam

In NoTrumps a control or stopper is:

An honor card/s in a suit (usually the Ace or King & Queen) which is certain to prevent the opponents from running a suit in a notrump contract.

NoTrump Slam Bidding

When your partner has bid NoTrump you can signal to your partner 5 different options. Do you want to invite to them to bid game, sign off yourself in game, invite partner to bid slam, force partner to bid slam or sign off yourself in slam. See table below.

Quantitative NoTrump Bid

You BidMeaning
2 NT Inviting Partner to Bid Game 
3 NT You signing off in Game
4 NT Inviting Partner to Bid Slam
5 NT Forcing Partner to Bid Slam (they choose small or grand slam)
6 NT You signing off in Slam

Table of NoTrump Bids and their meanings

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