Responding to a Strong Club Opening  

When your partner opens 2C and its a strong bid, they first want to know if Slam is possible. As responder it's your first duty to inform them of the possibility of slam, then if that's not an option to decide the game.

What do I reply to my partners strong 2C?


Bid either 2 diamonds, a negative artificial bid showing 0-7 points and no higher than game interest, or 2 Spades (with 5 card spades), 2 Hearts(with 5 card hearts) or 2NT showing 9+ plus points, possible slam interest in response to a strong 2 Club opening bid. If your partner opens 2, you can warn partner that you have a weak hand by responding 2 which shows 0-7 TP (or up to 6 HCP).
The 2 bid is artificial and very weak. All other bids are natural and positive. You’ve still got to keep bidding going until game but at least your partner won’t be expecting anything from you.

Exercise: Your partner Opens 2, what do you respond with the following hands?

Hand 1 .

Your Hand
6 5 4 3
6 4 3
3 2
6 5 4 3
Your Bid
2 You are only saying to your partner that you have less than 7 TP but it says
nothing about your suit holding.

Hand 2.

Your Hand
A 9 8 7 6
K 8 7
J 7 6 4
Your Bid
2 Shows your partner your 5 card major suit AND that you have more than 7 TP

Hand 3 .

Your Hand
  • A 8 4
  • Q J 8 4
  • 10 7 6 5
  • J 4

Answer: Bid 2NT. This shows partner that you have more than 7 TP and your hand has a balanced shape

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