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Responding to Weak 2 opening bids  

In the weak two's system not all the opening at the level of 2 bids are weak and 2 Clubs and 2NT are the signals that partner has a strong hand. Ensure you have remembered whether your partner's bid is long and weak, or strong. The advantage of Weak twos is that you have a lot more hands that can be described by a 2 level opening. The downside of this flexibility is that it allows for lots more misunderstandings and mistakes. For this reason absolute beginners usually prefer to play Strong Two's

Your Options


Your partner has  6-10 TP along with an adequate six card suit. What you bid depends on how well your hand supports your partner's suit. As responder you will have either, a weak hand with less than 9 points, a medium hand with 10-13 points, or a strong hand with 14+ points.

Responding to your Partners Weak 2 Bid

Unless you have an independent suit that can play opposite a singleton without a problem.
1. With a singleton in partner's suit and no strong suit of your own, say nothing unless you have 16+ HCP.
2. With a doubleton in partner's suit, you will need 15 HCP to keep the bidding going and if you have an honor (Ax, Kx, Qx) in your doubleton of partner's suit , and a good hand in other suits 14 HCP is enough.
3. With three or four card support for partner usually you should raise partner to the three or four level.
NB: If you and your partner have a 9 card fit or longer your opposition will of necessity have a 8 card or longer fit in another suit.... but luckily with preemptive bidding..... you and your partner have found your fit first!

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