Responding to a Strong 2NT  

This section does not deal with Slam, Grand Slam Bidding or Ace asking - these are covered in later lessons.

The choices

“If responder has 12+ HCP you will want to get to Slam if it is at all possible”


Responding to 2NT is similar to responding to other NoTrump opening bids. You will need to discuss with your partner if you are plating Stayman and transfers after a 2NT opening. Your partner shows 20-22 HCP so 5 HCP is enough for game in No Trumps, and 4 TP is enough for a game in a suit.

  • Bid 3NT directly with a balanced hand;
  • Bid 4 or 4 directly with a 6-card major
  • Bid 3 or 3 with a 5-card major.
  • With 12+ points you will want to bid to slam - Ace ask using either Gerber, Blackwood or Cue Bidding conventions

Exercise: Your partner Opens 2NT, what do you respond with the following hands?

Hand 1.

Your Hand
 Q 5 4 3
 K 4 3
3 2
 J 5 4 3
Your Bid
Answer: 3NT. You have 6 HCP's so you should bid game directly.

Hand 2.

Your Hand
A 9 8 7 6
K 8 7
J 7 6 4
Your Bid
Answer: 3  Shows your partner your 5 card major suit AND that you have more than 7 TP

Hand 3.

Your Hand
  • A 8 4
  • Q J 10 874
  • 10 7
  • J 4

Answer: Bid 4 to show your 6 card heart suit and not enough points to go on bidding for a slam. Bidding game is a shutout, discouraging partner from bidding more, it tells partner you have just enough points for game

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