Learn Standard American Bridge Bidding OLD

Prerequisites: How To Play Bridge beginners lessons

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Your first decision when you start to learn Standard American Bridge Bidding is which ‘bidding system’ do I choose. As a general rule, if you are living in New Zealand, Australia or the UK then you would choose ‘Acol Bidding Lessons‘. In all other countries you should learn Standard American Bridge bidding.


Open The Bidding at the 1 Level
Learn bidding in Bridge
Opening bid – 1NT
Opening bid – Major Suits

Responding to an Opening Bid At The 1 Level
Responding bids – Overview
Holding Openers Suit
When you don’t have Openers Suit
Responding to 1NT with 0-9 points
Responding to 1NT with 10-12 points
Responding to 1NT with 13+ points

Opening Bids at The 2 Level
Opening the bidding with 23+ points
Opening – 2NT
Opening Weak Two bids

Responding To Opening Bids at The 2 Level
Responding to a 2C opening
Responding to a Strong 2NT
Responding to a Weak 2 opening bid

Openers Rebids
Openers Rebid in a Suit
Rebidding NoTrumps

Responding To Opener’s Rebids
Responding to Openers NoTrump Rebid
Responding to Openers suit bid

Opening Pre-Emptive Bids
Overview of Preemptive Bids
Opening Weak Two’s
Opening 3 Level Bids
Opening at the 4 level

Responding To Opening Pre-Emptive Bids
Responding to a 3 level opening bid

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