Pre-Emptive Bids in Bridge – Opening at the 4 Level

To win at bridge you want to give your opponents a lot of problems that prevent them from finding their correct contract. Preemptive bids in Bridge are a way to do this.
Note* do not pre-empt at the 4 level with minor suits as you are not in game.

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Handling an 8 card suit


Always consider the vulnerability before a preemptive bid. Ideally you want to be not-vulnerable and the opponents to be vulnerable

What you need to open at the four Level

4♠ and , 4♥ are preemptive bids, this bid does not apply to minor suits because the 4 level is not game so the risks are greater than the rewards.
Preemptive bids in Bridge prevent opponents from finding the best contract. When you make this bid you are promising a strong 8-card suit and less than 13 TP’s. you must also have a good suit (a suit with at least two of top three honors).

Point Count Calculation

1. If you have Two of top three honors you can bid with a minimum of 5 HCP.
2. When calculating the ‘less than 13 points’ you include distribution points for length, so, an 8-card suit gives you 4 long suit points calculate 12 points  minus 4 long suit distribution points and you need less than 8 HCP to open at the 4 level.
3. The playable range for preemptive four opening bid is 5-8 HCP

  • ♠K 9
  • ♥K Q 10 8 7 4 3 2
  • ♦10 4
  • ♣4

Open 4H with this hand. If this was an eight card diamond or club suit you would need another HCP to open at the one level, not bid an opening 4.

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