Responding to a Weak 2 opening bid

Possession of 13 points is not enough for you to respond to partners weak 2 opening bid. If you don’t have at least 3‐card support, and you have 13 HCP or fewer, you should Pass partner’s weak two-bid.

What do I respond to a weak 2 opening bid?

When your partner opens a weak 2 bid having a minimum opening hand is not as helpful as you would hope. You need a maximum opening point count and a ‘fit’ to be bidding game. The maximum points you have between you is 24, not enough to be in game.
If you don’t have at least 3‐card support, and you have 13 HCP or fewer, you should pass partner’s weak two-bid. Support partner with with support for their suit. You don’t need points to raise partner. With 3 trumps, raise partner’s weak two to the 3‐level. With 4 trumps, raise to the 4‐level. With an invitational hand, responder should bid 2NT to ask opener if he is minimum or not. Opener rebids his suit with a minimum.
Be more cautious when you are vulnerable.

When partner opens a weak two-bid:

  • With enough strength that it is likely the partnership can make a game contract: Bid Game.
  • Make a forcing bid (e.g. change suit 2NT) asking for more information.
  • If it’s unlikely there is enough strength for game, compete to the level of the number of trumps held by the partnership:
    • 0-2 trumps Pass (8 combined trumps so stay at the 2 level)
    • 3 trumps Raise to the three level (9 trumps combined so raise to the 3 level)
    • 4+ trumps Raise to the game level

Your partner opens 2 spades, what do you respond with this hand?

Your Hand

  • ♠3 2
  • ♥A Q J 10
  • ♦A J 10 9
  • ♣K Q J

You have a ‘fit’ with your 2 spade cards and your partners 6 card suit, with your 18 HCP you should bid 4♠