Responding to a 2C opening


In the game link panel at the bottom of the page is a game which can be played at game (4) or at slam (6) level. It requires careful consideration of your entries but you can make 13 tricks even though there are 2 aces outstanding. Check out our lesson on entries in our ‘Play of the Hand’ Lessons on the Menu.

My reply to partners bid

If your partner opens 2♣, you can show partner that you have a weak hand by responding 2♦  an artificial relay bid which shows 0-8 TP (or up to 6 HCP) and says nothing about your diamond suit holding.

The 2♦ bid is artificial and weak. All other bids are natural and positive. As responder you still have to keep the bidding going until you reach a ‘game’ contract  but at least your partner won’t be expecting any points from you.
Bidding  2 Spades (5 cards) OR 2 Hearts (5 cards) OR 2NT (=9+ plus points, possible slam interest)  however typically communicate 8+ points and possible slam interest. Partnerships sometimes over time develop different agreements on their responses to a strong 2 Club opening bid.

After partners pre-empt what should you bid with a combined 9 card suit?
What do you do when the opponents overcall your bid?
Do you know when to make a penalty double?
Discover a deal with many different make-able games.
Part game but the opposition compete – who wins the contract?
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Exercises: Your partner Opens 2♣, what do you respond with the following hands?
Hand 1 .

Your Hand
♠ 6 5 4 3
♥ 6 4 3
♦ 3 2
♣ 6 5 4 3
Your Bid
2♦ You are only saying to your partner that you have less than 7 TP but it says
nothing about your suit holding.

Hand 2.

Your Hand
♠ A 9 8 7 6
♥ K 8 7
♦ 8
♣ J 7 6 4
Your Bid
2♠ Shows your partner your 5 card major suit AND that you have more than 9 TP

Hand 3 .

Your Hand

  • ♠ A 8 4
  • ♥ Q J 8 4
  • ♦ 10 7 6 5
  • ♣ J 4

Answer: 2NT. This shows partner that you have more than 7 TP and your hand has a balanced shapePractice Game for this lesson