Opening Weak Two bids  

Different to Strong two's, in a weak 2 system all the 2 level bids are not weak. This system combines weak 2's in the major suits and diamonds with strong 2's 2 Club and 2NT openers. Partners must discuss which systems they are using otherwise costly mistakes can occur. Weak 2 opening bids are useful for showing your partner your weak but long holding and importantly... interfering with the opposition finding their own best contract.

This system has strong and weak bids

Weak Two Opening bids are a preemptive bid. Weak Two bids tell your partner that you have at least a 6-card suit and 6-10 HCP with two or more high-cards in the bid suit. Generally bidding Weak Twos does not exclude a 4 card side-suit holding in another suit. Weak 2's have strong bids as well so there is much more use for a systems that covers a large variety of hands and is much adopted by more advanced players although not always.

Guidelines for Weak 2 Bids

1. If the preemptive bid is a Major suit, then you are usually telling partner that you don't have any interest in the other Major suit
2. A preempt as an overcall after oppositions opening on the one level should be at least one level higher and in a higher-ranking suit than the opening bid.
3. If the preemptive bid is an overcall after after oppositions opening bid on the one level is in a lower-ranking suit, then the preemptive bid should be at least two levels higher.
4. You are showing that you do not have an opening hand.
5. When deciding to make a Preempt the vulnerable or non-vulnerable, and counting the number of winning/losing tricks should be carefully considered.
Examples of Weak 2 Opening bids
2D =6-10 points and a 6 card diamond suit
2H =6-10 points and a 6 card heart suit
2S =6-10 points and a 6 card spade suit

Exercise: What should you open this hand?

Your Hand
  • A Q 10 9 6
  • 7 3
  • J 5 3 2
  • 4

Answer: Your bid is 2. With only 7 HCP your hand is not strong enough to open at the 1 level, but with your 5 winning tricks and 3 tricks from your partner (not vul) you will interfere with the bidding of the opposition.

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