Rebidding NoTrumps  

It is common for opener to rebid in Notrump Opener which give a very precise picture of the distribution and point count in their hand. The level they rebid in No Trumps and how many levels they jump indicates their points - checkout the list below

Opening 1NT and rebidding 1NT mean different things

The difference between 1NT as an opening bid and 1NT as a rebid is the point count in the opener's hand.
An Opening 1NT bid promises 15 - 17 HCP and Notrump openings show a balanced hand and can be made with a five-card major suit or a five-card minor suit.
A NoTrump rebid after a 1 of a suit opening however promises  12 - 14 HCP, a balanced hand  (that is no 6+ card suits) and a  Queen or higher in all of the other suits.
Balanced hands are the easiest hands to bid. With 15-17 HCP and a balanced hand, you can open 1NT which describes your hand in just one bid. With 13 - 14 HCP or 18 - 19 HCP, it will take you two bids to show your hand. Start by bidding your longest suit. If your partner changes suit, then you rebid notrumps at different levels to show your strength accurately.

· 13 - 14 HCP open 1 of a suit then bid 1NT
· no 6 card major suit 
· a queen or higher honor in the other suits
· 15 - 17 HCP open 1NT
· 18 - 19 HCP open 1 of a suit then bid 2NT

Exercise:  With 14 HCP you open the hand below 1 - your partner responds with 1. What is your rebid?

Your Hand
  • A J
  • K J 9 6 3
  • Q 7 3
  • Q J 5

Answer: Your rebid is 1NT as you have a balanced hand with a 5-3-3-2 distribution and only 14 HCP with a 5 card major suit. you did not have enough points to open 1NT

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