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Results: Week Ending 6th April 2024
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Competition Rules

Our daily Bridge competition starts at midnight EST with a fresh set of hands each day.

– The competition is for Premium Members only

— In this competition you are playing against 3 computer players.

– The computer players play the same system as yours, the system you have set in your profile.

– When you view the results, the other players with usernames are real people (other members) who have played the same hands that you have.

– You must play 10 hands to be ranked in the top section.

– You can play more hands but only the first 10 hands are counted in your ranking.

– If you replay a hand, only your first play will be counted.

– The competition will use the bidding system you set in your profile.

– After playing a competition hand once (and your score is recorded) you can use the “Menu > Replay” buttons to replay the hand from other seats.

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