Play the Honor in the Short Suit First

Declarer: The player who during the auction made the first bid the SUIT of the final contract, becomes the declarer.  The also play their partners hand which  is now renamed ‘dummy.’

Declarer plays both their own and dummy’s hand. More play means you have two hands to play in Bridge. When you have honor cards, sometimes known as face cards, and each is worth high card points are:
the Ace (A)  = 4 HCP
the King (K) = 3 HCP
the Queen (Q) = 2 HCP
the Jack (J) = 1 HCP
and the Ten (10 or T) in each suit
The 10 and 9 card in any suit are known as Intermed… More in both hands in a suit it is often difficult to decide  the best way to play this suit.


Playing the honor in the short suit first means that you count your holding in both hands in a suit and whichever hand has the lesser number of cards in the suit this is the ‘short suit’, the hand with the most cards in the same suit is known as the ‘long suit’. The rule is designed to stop you being blocked ie. locked into the  hand with the short suit and not able to  play your winning low cards in the hand with the ‘long hand