Returning partners opening lead


When you are the defense you should always be aware of how many tricks you need to take declarer light. Always ask yourself, “Where are our other winners going to come from?”

I won a trick- what suit should I lead now?

Defense is arguably, the most difficult aspect of bridge and as you are on defense approximately 50% of your time at the Bridge table, beginning players can view defending as boring and only done only when they haven’t been able to win the auction.
If you win the first trick, then you must decide whether you should return partner’s lead or change suits.
If its your turn to lead and your partner lead to the first trick or bid a suit during the bidding phase – without any other compelling reasons you should always return the suit your partner led.


  • Lead back partners opening lead – you need an exceptional reason to lead a different suit (like a singleton or partner’s void)
  • Your second choice of lead is any unbid suit

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