Odd - Even Roman Discard System 

Odd Even Discards often known as Roman Discards are a signal to your partner about attitude towards a particular suit and suit preferences you may have.


A discard system is a system where any card that you follow suit with which will not win the trick is known as a discard.
The method or order in which you discard these cards signals to your partner what you like or dislike in a suit (attitude)
This value of the card, whether it is an odd or even card either encourages or discourages that suit.


Odd Numbered Discard Cards

A card which is an odd number  for example 9, 7, 5, 3 is a signal that you wish partner to lead that suit if they have the opportunity, it is an encouraging signal.

Even Numbered Discard Cards

If you discard a high card  (usually 6 or greater for a high card) when following suit  and this card also has an even number - this asks partner not to lead this suit so it is a discouraging signal for the suit which is being played at the moment. This discard is also asking for partner to lead the higher side suit of the unplayed suits if partner gets the lead at any point.
Discarding a low card is a signal intended to discourage the suit being led at that moment and in addition asks partner if they get a chance to lead could they lead the lower ranked side suit if they have a chance to lead.

Example: The opposition are leading a heart suit; on the first discard, your partner discards to show suit preference:

Partners Discard



5S Encouraging Spades Diamonds
3D Encouraging Diamonds Diamonds
7C Encouraging Clubs Clubs
4D Discouraging Diamonds  Clubs
8S Discouraging Spades  Clubs
2C Discouraging Clubs  Spades
2H Discouraging Hearts Diamonds
8H Discouraging Hearts Spades
Any card which is a 6 No suit Preference Cannot say
Any Card which is an honor card Cannot Say No Preference

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