Negative Doubles 

The negative double is probably the most useful of all the defensive bidding conventions in use. It's an important tool to use after the opposition have overcalled your partner's opening bid and you do not have enough points to bid over the opposition

When double does not mean penalties for the opposition


It is important to know exactly when the negative double applies. The bidding must follow this sequence

The Sequence for a Negative Double

Opener Bids Opponent Overcalls You Bid Opponent Bids
1C 1S 'X' negative double Pass

The opening bid may be in any position even a passed hand but it must be one of a

suit (not a notrump bid). The opposition bid must be in a natural right up to the level of 4.

Point Range of a Negative Double

The minimum points is usually 7 or more. Many partnerships agree that with 10+ points you would be free to make other bids so usually the maximum partners agree on is 10 points or can depend on your partnership agreement

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