Entries in Bridge

An entry in bridge, is how declarer can get the lead in a particular hand. To get the lead you must win a trick in that hand. Gaining the lead in your hand when some other player (including one’s partner) led to the previous trick is referred to as entering one’s hand and a card that wins a trick to which the opposition made the lead with the exception of the last trick is known as an entry card.

What are entries and why do I need them?


When you lead a small card toward a winning card, you have gained entry to the hand with the winning card. It is a means of getting the lead in the hand of the winning card. Entries are the means of getting from one hand to the other.

The Problem

In a heart contract and the spades in dummy are high,t you have no way of getting to dummy to use them. You will end up trapped in declarer’s hand leading out your low diamonds for the opposition to win.


♠ A K Q J 10 9
♥ 4 3 2
♦ 4 3 2
♣ 2


Opening Lead
♠ 5 4 3 2
♥ 8
♦ J 8
♣ K Q 7 6 5 4

west leads a club


♠ 8 7 6
♥ 7 6 5
♦ Q 10 9
♣ J 10 9 8



♥ A K Q J 10 9
♦ A K 7 6 5
♣ A 3

The contract is 3H and South is Declarer


On this hand South is declarer and hearts are trumps.The declarer has a good chance of winning 13 tricks on any lead if he remembers to guard entries.

  • a club is lead,
  • win the AC in Declarer’s hand
  • play two rounds of trumps (not three because you need the 2 of trumps in dummy to enter Dummy
  • lead the 3C which is ruffed in dummy – an entry play.
  • lead the three top spades in Dummy discarding Declarer’s losing low 7D, 6D, and 5D cards
  • lead a low diamond from Dummy to Declarers high diamond cards (all the diamonds left in South’s hand)
  • lead out your last round of trumps dropping East’s 7H
  • the rest of the tricks are yours

You must arrange to draw trumps but not all of them! one trump is still out but you needed a trump in dummy to enter and play your winning spades cards. VERY important to be focused in those situations and play the cards in the right order. Remember, the main way of avoiding losers establishing your long suits. It should be the first thing you look for.

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