Blackwood King Ask 

A Blackwood King ask is usually made when you are decidingif you can bid a Grand Slam at the level of 7 or a Small slam at the level of 6

How do I King Ask in Blackwood Convention

After you have initiated Blackwood Convention with 4 NT, your 5 NT bidding is asking the number of kings of your partner. Responses to 5 NT is same as responses to 4NT, but one level higher: Responses for the king is similar to above table. Note: What must the partner who starts 4NT Blackwood bid, if he wants to play 5NT? Whenever he bids 5NT his partner will think that he is asking the Kings.. If you want to play 5NT after your 4NT Blackwood: You must bid a strange suit at the 5 level.. This strange suit may be unbidden suit or opponents' suit.

Table of Responses to Partners Blackwood Convention King Ask

Partner Bids    You Bid With 4 or 0 Kings  With 1 Kings With 2 Kings With 3 Kings
5NT... 6C 6D 6H 6NT





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