My First Bridge Lesson

This lesson outlines some of the unique features in 60SecondBridge lessons that can make learning Bridge online a whole lot easier.

Beginners Lessons Include a Built-In Glossary

When you are reading a beginners lesson you will see words and phrases underlined in red. Click on these link to see a definition of the word or phrase. The following is an extract from the “High Card Points’ lesson, click the red linked words to see the definitions.

The Majors – Spades ♠ & Hearts ♥

The major suits are important for bidding tactics and scoring in Bridge as they outrank the minor suits, and also outscore them (30 points per contracted trick for major suits—as opposed to 20 points per contracted trick for the minor suits).

Beginners lessons Display Both Cards and ‘Bridge Notation’

Bridge hands are displayed in a specific format called Bridge Notation. In the beginners Bridge lessons you will see both the real cards and the Bridge Notation displayed. Later lessons will only display the Bridge Notation format.

  • ♠J 9 8 6 5
  • ♥K 6
  • ♦A 6 3
  • ♣A 10 7 6

Most Lessons Include a Sample Bridge Game

Many of the Bridge hands also include full commentary on the bidding and play. As a beginner, try playing the game by following the commentary. Then play the same Bridge game again without using the commentary. More experienced players might like to try the game first without reference to the commentary. Note the score you achieved and see if you can achieve a better Bridge score by following the commentary.

Quiz Yourself

Many of our Bridge lessons include a short quiz, but there is also a set of quizzes to test each section of lessons. The quizzes instantly give you feedback on correct or incorrect answers. eg.

Instant Progress Quiz

Check the correct answer/s

Total Points is the same as High Card points


Practice Hand Evaluation Skills

When choosing the correct bids there are a LOT of factors to consider. Part of the skill is quickly evaluating the strength and weaknesses in your hand. 60SecondBridge has a series of Hand Evaluation skill games that can be used to speed up your hand evaluation.