Lessons Overview  
60 SecondBridge is designed to give Beginners, Junior and Intermediate level Bridge players a complete learning and playing environment with practice games on the computer, lessons on bidding, playing and defending. Additional learning activities; self assessment quizzes and practice games of Bridge.

Lessons Overview

“Most bridge players prefer consistency in their partners rather than brilliance. - Matthew Granovetter”

Map of 60SecondBridge Lessons

New to Bridge - Beginner Lessons

Designed for absolute newcomers to card games and Bridge. Basic information about cards for hand evaluation. A series of short lessons to ensures you know how to evaluate your hand in order to bid. While you are learning about Hand Evaluation, the computer will bid for you (you'll learn about how to bid in the next stage).

Standard American Bidding Lessons

For Beginning Bridge players a series of Lessons with practice hands to play free on the computer.  By the end of this series of lessons you will be able to bid, understand your partners bids and play on the computer.  

More Advanced Bidding Lessons

1.) Acol beginners can of course dive into learning Acol as their first system but beware, you may have difficulties  'playing and getting' contracts due to the lower point counts of Acol bids - for this reason we have put the Acol Bidding system  in the Intermediate section.
2.) Learn Advanced Bidding  Constructive bidding lessons designed as a sequel to Standard American and Acol.  Bids which show strong or distributional hands and Slam bidding.

 On Defense - Bidding & Play Lessons

1.) Competitive bidding   When you find yourself on defense there are many bids still available to you. Standard American or Acol competitive bids are the same and are system independent.

2.) Defensive Play lessons for when you are the opposition and want to attack the opponent's contract and take the contract light for points for your side. 

Declarer & Dummy Card Play Lessons

1.) Declarer Play for when you have won the contract and need to play your  hand; There are practise hands with hints and guidance about planning your play.

Congratulations! once you have mastered all these lessons you will  be a Bridge player!

Play a Game of Bridge with Automatic Bidding

Click on the link below titled "Practice this Lesson - with full Commentary" to play a game of Bridge. The Game engine will make all the bids for you starting as soon as the game screen has loaded - you only need to click on the cards to play.


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