Quiz – Hand Evaluation

This quiz is the last Bridge lesson in the Beginners section and is designed to show you your knowledge so you can begin learning Bridge bidding.

This is also the first of the Standard American bidding lessons in the Junior section. If you live in the UK, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand, then you will want the Acol Bidding lessons as that is the standard bidding system in those countries.

If you cannot answer these questions then start with our Beginner Bridge Lessons.

Check your Hand Evaluation knowledge

Check your understanding of how to evaluate your hand in Bridge. Some of the questions have more than one correct answer – as you select an answer you will receive instant feedback on your choice

1. Select all the Major Suits.
 Clubs  NoTrumps  Hearts   Spades  Diamonds
2. Select the lowest ranked Suit from the options below
 Diamonds NoTrumps  Spades  Clubs  Hearts
3. How many Total Points (TP) in the hand below? (Note: You have not found a fit with your partner)
4. 1 Spade is a higher bid than 1NT. True  False
5. You and your partner have found a fit in Hearts – what are the DPs’ of the hand below?
6. Select the Minor Suits from the following options.
  NoTrumps  Clubs  Spades  Hearts  Diamonds
7. Select the highest ranked suit.
  Clubs  Hearts  Diamonds  Spades  NoTrumps
8. What is the High Card Point (HCP) count for the hand below.
  0  6  3  11

9. Select the highest bid you can make from the choices below.
 1 Spade  1 Club  1 Diamond  1 NoTrump  1 Heart
10. Choose the correct Distribution Points (DP) for the hand below (Note: Your partner has not bid)

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