Which game?

If you have a ‘fit’ in a suit then you will bid to game in that suit, if you have no fit but evenly spread suits with stoppers in each suit then NoTrumps is the place for your game.

Choosing the correct game contract

“Game” in opener’s Major suit

If you have 3 cards in your partner’s opening major suit, you have at least 8 trumps between you. Partner has promised at least 5 with the opening bid (majors only). Having 8 trumps is called a FIT. If you have a fit in a major, that is likely to be the best place to play your game (26 TP’s and a fit in trumps between you and your partner).

“Game” in Notrumps

If you don’t have 3-card support for your partner’s major suit, you should usually bid 3NT – needs 25 HCP’s between you and your partner

“Game” in opener’s Minor suit

Because 9 tricks in 3NT scores the same as 11 tricks in 5C or 5D, minor suit games are less common. If 5 of a minor makes, then is likely 3NT will also make. Making more than 9 tricks in NT gives a better score – needs 27 TP’s between you and your partner

Exercise: Your partner opens the bidding with 1 ♠. What do you respond with the hand below?


  • ♠Q 8 7
  • ♥A 7 6
  • ♦K 9 8 6
  • ♣Q 7 4

Answer: You should bid 3NT. Your partner has shown 13-15 HCP and you have 11 HCP together you have enough to be in ‘game’ in No Trumps

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