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Points, games, slams and vulnerability  

This quiz is designed to give you feedback on your understanding of vulnerability, part-game, game and slam scoring. As you become better in competitive situations these factors become increasingly important to giving your partnership winning scores.

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Vulnerability versus non vulnerability; game, part-game, slam or grand slam; whether you or the opposition can bid and make these contracts; the likelihood of pushing the opponents to overbid; the wisdom of sacrifice bidding. All these should be controlled by careful evaluation  of these factors for every hand. Eight questions with answers provided.




  It doesn't affect the score
  It doubles the points you give the opposition

 Your partnership is vulnerable and the opposition are not-vulnerable and are in game
 Your partnership is not-vulnerable and the opposition are vulnerable and are in game
  Your partnership is vulnerable and you will only go 2 tricks light, the opposition are in part-game
  Everyone is vulnerable

  It doesn't matter because your vulnerability doesn't make any difference to their score
  It doubles the points that the opposition score off you

  Are the same =33 points
  Are different with suit slams requiring less because of their ruffing potential

 At least 3 of the 4 Aces
 Controls in all the suits
  An eight card trump suit fit or longer
  All of the above

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