No Trump Contracts  

A No Trump contract is created when the highest bid made during the auction is a No Trump bid. Notrump means that the highest of the 4 cards played in the suit led to a trick, wins.

What does playing in no trumps mean?

No Trump

No-trump is a situation in which no suit is designated as trumps. No-trump contracts are decided when the highest bid in the auction is a No-Trumps bid, 1NT, 3NT etc. This means that the highest card played in the led, in each trick, wins. In no-trump the trick cannot be ruffed. An example is: if  2C was lead, and no other clubs are left to play, then 2C card wins the trick. High cards played from other suits cannot win the trick.

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  is decided by the suit bid highest bid

 is decided by the Opening bid

  means that the highest card played in a trick always wins

  has a higher rank at the same level as a suit bid

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