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  • Beginners Lessons

     How to Play Bridge (overview) Suit Contracts
     Learning Bridge (decision tree) NoTrump Contracts
     Our lesson features Bridge Suit Order
     Essential Bridge Terms Major Suits
     Tricks to Make Your Contract Minor Suits
     High Card Points Vulnerable or Not Vulnerable
     Long Suit Distribution Points Slam in NoTrumps – Quantitative Bids
     Total Points Bid Slam in a Suit
     Bid to Game Quiz – Hand Evaluation
     Which Game? 
     Part Game 

    Standard American
    Bidding Lessons

    Starting the bidding  Responding to a 2C Opening
     1NT Opening Bid Responding to a Strong 2NT
     Major Suit Opening Bid Responding to a Weak 2 Opening Bid
     Opening Bid Quiz Quiz – Responding to 2 Level Openings
     Responding bid – level 1 Openers Rebid in a Suit
     Holding Openers Suit Rebidding NoTrumps
     When You Don’t Have the Opening Suit Quiz – Openers Rebids
     Responding to 1NT with 0-9 Points Responding to Openers NoTrump Rebid
    Responding to 1NT with 10-12 Points  Responding to Openers Suit Rebid
     Responding to 1NT with 13+ Points Quiz – Responders Rebid
     Quiz – Responding to an Opening Bid Overview of Pre-emptive Bids
     Opening the Bid with 23+ Points Opening Weak Twos
     Opening 2NT Opening 3 Level Bids
     Opening Weak Two Bids Opening at the 4 Level
     Quiz – Opening Bids at the 2 Level Quiz – Pre-emptive Bids

    Acol Bidding Lessons

     Your First Bid Responding to a Strong 2NT
     1NT Opening Bid Responding to 2 Level Opening Bids
     Opening Bids at the 1 Level Opener’s Suit Rebid
     Reply to Partner’s Suit Opener Rebidding NoTrump
     Partner Opens 1NT, 2NT or 3NT Opener’s Suit Rebid  
     Partner Opens a Suit Rebidding NoTrump
     Partner Opens the Bidding Opener’s Rebids
     Jump Shift Responder Bids Responding to NoTrump Rebids
     Responding to Partner’s Opening Bid Responding to Opener’s Suit Rebids
     Opening Strong Two’s Responder Rebids
     Opening 2NT Pre-emptive Bids
     Opening Weak Twos Opening Weak Two’s
     Benjamin Acol Opening 3 Level Bids
     Opening 2 Bids Opening at the Level of 4
     Responding to a Strong Club Opening Pre-emptive Opening Bids
     Responding to Weak 2 Opening Bids Responding to a 3 Level Opening Bid
     Responding to Benjaminised Acol 

    Bidding On Defence

    Overcalling  Responding to a Takeout Double
     Overcalling at the 2 Level Balancing Doubles
     Responding to Partner’s Overcall Support Doubles
     Two Types of Doubling 1NT Overcall
     Penalty Doubles Total Tricks
     Takeout Doubles 

    Bridge Conventions

    Slam Bidding  Slam in NoTrump – Quantitative Bids
     Blackwood King Ask Bid Slam in a Suit
     Slam Bidding – Gerber Convention Ace Asking Negative Doubles
     Slam bidding – Gerber King Asking Jacoby Transfer
     Slam Bidding Control bids Responding After a Jacoby Transfer
     Staymand Convention 

    Defensive Card Play

    Opening Leads Attitude Signals 
     The Rule of Eleven Lavinthal Discards
     Which Suit Suit Preference Signal
     Which Card Odd-Even Roman Discard System
     Attacking Leads Revolving Discard System
     NoTrump Opening Leads Rules for the Second Player to a Trick
     High-Low and Low-High Count Signals The Rule for Third Player to a Trick
     Counting as You Play Returning Partners Opening Lead

    Declarer Card Play

    Counting Your Losers Entries 
     Planning Your Play Ducking
     Leading Low Towards Your Honors  Finessing
     Counting Cards in a Suit as You PlayEight Ever, Nine Never 
     Drawing Trumps Opposition Hidden Cards
     Ruffing Odds of my Side Suit Being Ruffed
     Setting Up Long Suits Squeeze Plays
     Play the Honor From the Short Hand First 

    Unlimited Practice Hands

    Daily Bridge Competition

    Hand of the Day

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