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Boost Your Bridge Game

A complete Bridge learning environment
for beginner to intermediate

Short & Precise Interactive lessons – Unlimited Practice Hands – Interactive Bridge Quizzes – Daily Competition


“Your site provided hours of good instruction and fun!”
Carolyn, California, USA

“Thanks for your site. It is excellent and I have played many very good games.”
James, Victoria, Australia

“Love 60SecondBridge, especially the Bridge Hand of the Day!”
Daniel, New York, USA

“I like very much your site and recommend it to new players.”
Francoise, Florida, USA

“So far love your way of teaching Bridge.  Thank you”
Diane, Michigan, USA

“It is only a small amount to pay each month for such good value.”
Veronica, UK

Interactive Lessons and Practice Hands

Quick Start – Learn By Playing

A Bridge Game Overview
Your First Bridge Game
How To Place a Bid
+ video, practice hands and 2 more lessons

Bridge Hand Evaluation Lessons

Bridge term Definitions
Tricks To Make Your Bid
High Card Points
Long Suit Distribution Points
+ 10 more lessons and 14 practice hands

Standard American Bidding Lessons

1 NoTrump opening Bid
Major Suit Opening Bid
Level 1 Responding bid
Quiz – Responding to 2 Level openings
+ 24 more lessons and 28 practice hands

Acol Bidding Lessons

Opening Bids at the 1 Level
Reply To Partner’s Suit Opener
Partner Opens a Suit
Opening Strong two’s
+ 21 more lessons and 25 practice hands

Bidding and Playing On Defence

Penalty Doubles
Takeout Doubles
The Rule of Eleven
Attitude Signals
+ 30 more lessons and 35 practice hands

Bridge Conventions Lessons

Slam Bidding
Stayman Convention
Jacoby Transfer
Blackwood King Ask
Negative Doubles
+ 6 more lessons

Declarer Card Play Lessons

Counting Your losers
Drawing trumps
Eight Ever, Nine Never
+ 10 more lessons


Unlimited Practice Hands

Daily Competition

60SecondBridge has all you need to master the art of playing Bridge

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