Today’s Beginners Bridge Lesson – Scoring & Tricks

 Bridge is a trick-taking game and is a card game in which playing the trick is based on 13 rounds of play, each called tricks, which has a winner or “taker” of that trick. When all cards have been played, the number of the tricks won by each pair is counted for scoring. The winner of a trick is the one who plays the highest-ranked card of the suit led, unless another player has trumped it.

I’ve bid – how many tricks do I have to win?


Scoring is based on the number of tricks a player or partnership has won and the value of that contract for example a No-trump contract scores more points at the same Level than a major suit contract and a major suit contract scores more points than a minor suit contract

Counting Tricks you need to make when you play a contract

The Book is a term which refers to the first six tricks that must always be won by the declaring side if they are to gain a score. The first six “book” tricks must be won and are not calculated in the scoring. A contract at the 1-level means the declarer (player) must win at least 7 tricks (that is, the book = 6 + 1) tricks. Extra points are awarded only for the extra tricks above the book.

Bid        Level of bid+ The Book= Tricks to Win
1 NoTrump,or1♠or1♥or1♦or1♣          1+ 6 tricks=7 tricks
2 NoTrumpor2♠or2♥or2♦or2♣          2+ 6 tricks=8 tricks
3 NoTrumpor3♠or3♥or3♦or3♣          3+ 6 tricks=9 tricks
4 NoTrumpor4♠or4♥or4♦or4♣          4+ 6 tricks=10 tricks
5 NoTrumpor5♠or5♥or5♦or5♣          5+ 6 tricks=11 tricks
6 NoTrumpor6♠or6♥or6♦or6♣          6+ 6 tricks=12 tricks
7 NoTrumpor7♠or7♥or7♦or7♣          7+ 6 tricks=13 tricks
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