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The Finesse


Open 1NT ending up in 3NT. All Pass

Acol Bidding

Open 1S ending in 3NT. All Pass

Your Plan

In NoTrumps count your winners. Spades=3; Hearts=2; Diamonds=1; Clubs=2. you need to develop at least 1 more winner to make your contract. Diamonds has the most potential as it has 4 of the top six cards. Hoping west has the QD and east has the AD as he will need to play the AD to win the 10D.

The Play

A club lead, win in hand so you can lead out the 4D ducking if West plays the AD but covering if he plays the QD. west plays the 3D so you play 9D - AD wins. A club return and AC wins, another club return which you win in hand. Lead 6D and cover QD, lead 7D to 10D. Use hearts to enter dummy and play JD, return to hand and play the last 5 winning tricks


If you finesse the diamonds twice you can make 11 tricks - if you finesse it once you make 10 tricks - if you don't make the diamond finesse you will only make 9 tricks.

NOTE: The above commentary is intended as a guideline only. As with any Bridge hand there are many ways to bid and play any hand. Beginners should also make extensive use of the 'Hint' button. The hints are computer generated and quite conservative, but are often useful if you are looking for a good suggestion.

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