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Establishing small cards

In a long Suit


You open 1NT partner raises you to 2NT, you bid 3NT. All Pass

Acol Bidding

You open 1H partner bids 1NT, you bid 3NT. All Pass

Your Plan

Count your winners Spades=4; Hearts= 2; Diamonds=1; Clubs=1. You need to develop an extra trick to make your contract, your longest suits with non winning tricks are diamonds and hearts. With such poor stoppers in clubs its safer to try and establish the hearts as you can make 2 rounds before losing the third to the QH, and if lucky you will drop it (i.e. distribution means QH and JH are together and are both dropped by playing AH and KH.

The Play

Unluckily the QH and JH are split in a 3-2 distribution so you have to lose 1 heart trick before the 10H is established. Returning the AD and another is a mistake as opposition should return the club suit


Playing your winners off the top will only make 8 tricks, however developing your longer suits you can end up with 11 tricks

NOTE: The above commentary is intended as a guideline only. As with any Bridge hand there are many ways to bid and play any hand. Beginners should also make extensive use of the 'Hint' button. The hints are computer generated and quite conservative, but are often useful if you are looking for a good suggestion.

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