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Bridge Practice 'Hand of the Day'

Opener bids twice - Partner shows preference for their suit

how do I know if partner is showing preference or encouraging me to bid?


Open your longest suit, after partners response bid your second bid. You have a choice here you could bid your clubs at the 2 level OR you could rebid 1NT showing your 12-14 HCP especially after partners 1S response. If you end up in 1NT you can only make 7 tricks (8 if you finesse for the QH) whereas 2C makes 9 tricks - All Pass

Acol Bidding

You could open 1NT but you don't have an honor card in spades you have a worthless doubleton - so it would be quite a misleading bid for your partner to hear. Instead open your longest suit, after partners response then bid your second suit. Partner passes which lets you know you that they have less than 10 HCP and they prefer your club suit - All Pass.

Your Plan

Dummy goes down YAY! an eight card fit in clubs. If your partner had equal length hearts and clubs they would have returned you to your first bid suit (hearts). Count your losers 0 in clubs, 1 in diamonds, 1 in spades and 2 in hearts - so all things being equal and with good distribution you can see 9 tricks. Draw trumps first leaving some in each hand to ruff the losers in your side suits.

The Play

Win the lead, two rounds of trumps, then start on your side suits (one trump card is out but you don't want to lose two trumps drawing out 1 , better to try to over-ruff if possible when they use it) and play your side suits and then start on the Hearts, three rounds exhaust all the hearts and you can ruff from either hand the spade and diamond returns from opposition. m


In a contract of 1NT it is very difficult to make your contract and you get +90 points whereas in 2C you can make 10 tricks for a score of +130 points. If you draw all your trumps out you will only make 8 tricks, but if you delay drawing the last trump you will make 9 tricks

NOTE: The above commentary is intended as a guideline only. As with any Bridge hand there are many ways to bid and play any hand. Beginners should also make extensive use of the 'Hint' button. The hints are computer generated and quite conservative, but are often useful if you are looking for a good suggestion.

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