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Entries into each hand could be a problem if you don't lose your losers fast.


You have 13 HCP but with LSDP = +3 points you have 16 Total points. Open the bidding with 1 heart your partner bids 3 clubs showing 16+ points and a good club suit with 7 heart suit cards plus 16 points you need to repeat your hearts at the 3 level and your partner bids 3 spades showing at least a 4 card spade suit. with no major suit 'fit' you bid 3NT - All pass.

Acol Bidding

Your Plan

South puts their hand down on the table (you are Dummy) and West leads a small spade play the JS losing to Wests AS, win the spade return. You have entry problems caused by your singleton QC and doubleton and you have to lose 2 tricks 1 to the AS and another to the AD, lose then as quickly as possible before your entries in the other suits are used up.

The Play

Lose to AS and then win the spade return with JS. Play a low heart to the QH then return to play AH and KH heart suit then a low heart to QH then TH. Play the KD to get the AD out and win the spade return the play AC and KC JC and then use your diamonds to return to play the AH , KH and the last diamond. For 11 tricks.


You can make 11 tricks for +460 points by playing well.

* The auction is completed after 3 passes.
* Review the bidding at any time by clicking on the blue menu item along the top titled 'Auction.'
*The first player to bid the suit of the final contract becomes the Declarer and their partner is now called Dummy.
*Dummys cards are always placed face up on the table after the opening lead has been made by the opposition.
*You can check which hand you need to play from because there is a small golden halo around the hand that is due to be played next.

NOTE: The above commentary is intended as a guideline only. As with any Bridge hand there are many ways to bid and play any hand. Beginners should also make extensive use of the 'Hint' button. The hints are computer generated and quite conservative, but are often useful if you are looking for a good suggestion.

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