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Responding to a takeout double  

A short tutorial on responding to a takeout double when your Bridge partner forces you to bid even if you have "0" points, if you have 8+ points you need to show partner so that you do not miss out on a game contract if it is there.

What do I reply to my partner's takeout double?

Responses to Takeout Double

Remember that partner has promised support for all unbid suits.

Most of the time your partner will not bid again after making a takeout double. Therefore, if you have a reasonable hand yourself, it is your responsibility to show your points. Remember that partner has an opening hand, so you should bid as if you were responding to an opening bid.

When responding to a takeout Double remember that you are forced in the absence of an intervening bid to respond. A minimum bid indicates less than 8 HCP. With  8 or more HCP jumps the bidding a level so that your partner can find the game level contract if they have 17+ points.

The openers bid is 1, your partner doubles (for takeout) and the next player passes. What do you bid?

Your Hand
  • A 7 6 3
  • Q 5 3
  • K 6 4 3
  • 6 2

Jump bid the level by 1, instead of bidding 1, bid 2. Showing your partner 8+ HCP and a four card suit. Remember that partner has promised support for all unbid suits so will have at least 3 spade cards.

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