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Bridge Practice 'Hand of the Day'

Which Ace asking convention should you use with this hand - Gerber or Blackwood?

I want to practice Ace asking

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Partner opens 1NT - with your 16 HCP you will ask for Aces to see if a slam contract is the best place to be. So because partner has already No Trumps you cannot use Blackwood Ace asking - you bid 4C the Gerber Ace asking convention - partner responds 4H telling you they have 1 Ace. counting up the partnership Aces you and partner have 3 aces in total and you have a void - which is a control; if you are playing in a suit. You bid 6C partner will bid 7C if they have additional features they have not already told you about.

Acol Bidding

Partner opens 1D - you bid 3C promising at least 5 club suit cards and 16+ points. Partner supports your club suit. Because clubs has already been bid you want to Ace ask you must use the Blackwood Ace asking convention. You bid 4NT and partner replies 5D showing 1 ace. . you cannot ask about Kings because you are in Slam whatever the answer is, you need to decide now, so bid 6C as between you and your partner you have 33 points three aces and a void.

Plan Before You Play

Dummy goes down and you are very keen to see the goldings in spades - whew only 1 loser in the spade suit and 3 card club suit support.A simple plan draw trumps and then throw your losing diamonds on the high diamond cards in dummy

The Play

Lose to the spade ace win the diamond return and draw trumps being careful to count as they are played by the opposition. Oooh there is a 3-0 trump card split! Enter dummy using your spades suit and thow your losing hearts on the high diamonds. you have winners to burn


Bidding conventions make your final slam contract much less risky.

The above commentary is intended as a guideline only. As with any Bridge hand there are many ways to bid and play any hand.

Whats Next?

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