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Bridge Practice 'Hand of the Day'

Should I open a weak two or a 1 level bid

How can I open a weak 2 bid

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Open the bidding 1S - your six card major suit with only have 6-10 HCP but you have a void and a singleton so thats 5 extra points for short suit distribution points with a six card spade suit. Partner who has already passed, supports your spade suit

Acol Bidding

Open the bidding 2S - your six card major suit. You have 6-10 HCP and a six card major suit. Partner who has already passed gives you a single raise and you have found a 'fit'. This is time to revalue your hand using suit shortage distribution points The heart void now worth 5 points and the diamond singleton worth 3 points, you have another 8 points bringing you hands value to 16 TP if partner has 10 points you will have game between you. Bid 4S.

Plan Before You Play

Dummy goes down you should count your losing tricks. You can see 1 diamond and 2 club losers... game is on!

The Play

Lose the KC opening lead, and the diamond switch, ruff the club return and lead 2 rounds of trumps ending up in dummy lead your low club, ducking when east plays the AC. Ruff the diamond return in hand, and ruff the 10C in dummy, ruff a low heart in your hand and the rest of the tricks are yours.


The powerful nature of a hand that is weak in points but strong in trump suit length can be seen in this game in which North/South only have 18 HCP's between them. Makes 10 tricks if you cross ruff clubs hearts and diamonds.

The above commentary is intended as a guideline only. As with any Bridge hand there are many ways to bid and play any hand.

Whats Next?

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