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Bridge Practice 'Hand of the Day'

In Spades or Hearts

Game - in spades and in hearts

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This hand is perfect in almost every way for opening 1NT with the exception of having no honor cards in the club suit. Many players would just take the chance and open 1NT but opening your preferred minor suit is a much better bid as it does not promise honor cards in every suit. After your partner responds 1S you must show him your 16-18 HCP by jumping bidding, you can bid 2H or 3 Spades. Bidding 2 Spades shows partner a minimum 13+ point opening hand. Partner bids 4

Acol Bidding

With two four card Major suits in Acol always bid the heart suit (lower ranked suit) first and the Spade suit second. Opening 1 Heart you are bidding the lower ranked suit first. When partner raises your heart you are pleased to find a fit but to show your points strength (16-18) strength you bid your spade suit at the two level and if partner prefers them you are raised to 4S. you could rebid 2NT instead of 2S but many partnerships would interpret this as a denial of the 4 card spade suit.

Plan Before You Play

Count your losing tricks there are 4 , the Ace, King & Queen of Hearts and the Ace of Clubs. If you arrive In 4 Spades (4S) you will need to work out if you can avoid losing all 4. If the opposition lead hearts out they will win 3 hearts off the top, so before they do that you want to shorten dummy's hearts to ruff a heart in your hand trumps.

In 4H you hope that the trumps are split 3-2 so that the opposition will need to simultaneously follow suit with their high trumps.

The Play

In 4S: Win with the QD and then discard a low heart in dummy on the AD. Lead 2 rounds of trumps... Ooops a 4-0 trump split so only draw 2 rounds of trumps (leave 2 trumps in each hand for cross ruffing). Lead a low heart to lose, lose the club return but win the second club lead out another heart hahaha!!!! the AH and KH drop on the same trick, ruff in your hand and discard the last heart from dummy on the KD return, ruff 9H high in dummy, lead trumps and the last trick is yours.

In 4H:Lose to AC, win the diamond return, lead trumps, win the 2nd diamond return, lead trumps again, win the club return, draw the last round of trumps and all the rest of the tricks are yours.


This is a challenging hand to play but is much more fun because of it, to make 4S you need to delay drawing all trumps as 4-0 trump split requires you to perform ruff at the same time discard a heart from dummy. It is much easier to make 4H.

The above commentary is intended as a guideline only. As with any Bridge hand there are many ways to bid and play any hand.

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