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Bridge Practice 'Hand of the Day'

Partner invites you to 3NT do you accept - practice a holding up safety play?

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Open 1D your best minor suit, the opponents overcall 1H with 2 stops in hearts rebid 1NT to show your 12-14 HCP, balanced hand and cover in hearts. Partner invites by bidding 2NT but you decline - All Pass.

Acol Bidding

You open 1NT partner bids 2C (Stayman Bid) to see if you have any 4 card majors, you deny this by bidding 2D. Partner invites by bidding 2NT but you decline. - All Pass.

Plan Before You Play

In NoTrumps count your winners - 1 in spades 2 in hearts 2 in diamonds and 2 in clubs - you are 1 trick short at the moment, hearts looks like the best suit to develop another winner

The Play

A spade lead - holdup for 2 rounds until forced to take it, play 8H and keep playing hearts to get the AH out. Discard low clubs on the spade return, win the club return with KC and make a diamond finesse hoping West has KD, play AD and QD, play KH and return to Dummy with AC, play your last heart trick and then lose the 10D.Hold up playing your AS on the opening lead to guard against a 7-0 or 6-1 or 5-2 spade split which could help you out if the one who has the long spade suit doesn't have the AH. You can't do anything if the opponent who holds the long spade suit also has the AH. In this case its a nice 3-4 spade suit but a hold up blocks communication between defenders. In this case the holdup does not help but it does not harm its a safety play


Makes 9 tricks, now you ask, should you have accepted partners invite to 3NT????

The above commentary is intended as a guideline only. As with any Bridge hand there are many ways to bid and play any hand.

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