Improving Your Game On 60SecondBridge

Even if you already play Bridge, it will be worthwhile starting with the short tutorials and videos in the 'My First Bridge Game' section. This is a series of short tutorials and videos (10 minutes total) to show you how to use the helpful hints available when playing on 60SecondBridge.

Then, since you already know the rules (or most of them), you'll be spending most of your time using the features in 'Play' menu.

Hand Of The Day - fully commented hand to play.

Daily Bridge Competition - new hands each day. Play 10 or more hands - only the first 10 count towards your competition result.

Guided Practice Games - fully commented themed hands to practice and learn specific bidding and play skills.

Past Hands Of The Day - an archive of fully commented hands to play.

Practice Hands - play unlimited hands, randomly dealt.

Lessons - Acol and Standard American lessons from Hand Evaluation through to Conventions.

Big Tip: don't forget to use the bidding hints (the ? on the bidding pad) while playing the competition. You'll be amazed how it will improve your ranking in the results table. As an experiment, try playing the 10 games one day without using the bidding hints, then the next day use the bidding hints to play 10 games and compare your ranking from the day before. You'll be amazed how your ranking improves. It's a wonderful example of how powerful the Bidding Systems are.

So, enjoy your journey learning Bridge and if you have any questions about the lessons, you can ask them in the page comments at the bottom of the lessons. If you're having difficulty with a lesson it's important to ask for help as we are regularly updating the lessons to improve them based on member feedback.

60SecondBridge Team

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