Getting Started On 60SecondBridge

Where you will spend your time on this website will largely depend on where you are in the learning process. The good news is that 60SecondBridge can give you a lot of help along the way. 

If you already play Bridge then your guide is here, otherwise continue reading below.

Even if you have already played some Bridge, it will be worthwhile starting with the short tutorials and videos in the 'My First Bridge Game' section. This is a series of short tutorials and videos to show you how to use the helpful hints available when playing on 60SecondBridge. Within 10 minutes you'll be playing your first Bridge game.

Then take a look at the 'My First Bridge Lesson' which demonstrates the interactive help available in each lesson.

After completing the introductory lessons the next stage is split into 2 phases:

PHASE 1 - Beginner Lessons

If you have never played Bridge before then your next step is the "Beginner Bridge Lessons'. These lessons teach you how to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in your hand. You'll learn about High Card Points, Total Points, Balanced hands, and  Distribution points.  Then there's a short quiz you can take to check your hand evaluation knowledge.

Hand evaluation skills are essential for the next step - using a bidding system.

PHASE 2 - Bidding Lessons
Unlike other card games where you may have bid purely based on your intuition and prior knowledge, in Bridge you get to bid using the skills from the Masters of Bridge. Over the decades expert Bridge players have developed powerful methods for reaching the best bid for the current hands. These methods are called 'Bidding Systems', the two most common (both supported on 60SecondBridge) are 'Standard American' and 'Acol'. 

There are a large number of rules to follow in these bidding systems but as you have seen in the 'My First Bridge Game' tutorial, 60SecondBridge can assist you until you've learned the relevant rules so you won't need to learn the whole system before playing.

Up until now the lessons are applicable to all bridge players. The next set of lessons is split into two streams (Bidding Systems). Which one you choose will mostly depend on where you live. If you live in the UK, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand, then you'll choose the 'Acol' bidding system. For all other countries choose 'Standard American'.

By this stage you'll be familiar with the structure of our lessons and you'll be able to build your knowledge while playing Bridge. In addition to the lessons we also have hundred of sample hands to practice specific skills, you can play unlimited hands and join in the daily competition. 

Big Tip: don't forget to use the bidding hints (the ? on the bidding pad) while playing the competition. You'll be amazed how it will improve your ranking in the results table. As an experiment, try playing the 10 games one day without using the bidding hints, then the next day use the bidding hints to play 10 games and compare your ranking from the day before. You'll be amazed how your ranking improves. It's a wonderful example of how powerful the Bidding Systems are.

After completing Phase 2 there are a number of supplementary lessons that will help boost your Bridge performance:

Defensive Bidding

Common Conventions

Defensive Card Play

Declarer Card play

At any time, after you've completed some of the basic lessons, you can dive in and practice or compete in our daily competition.

So, enjoy your journey learning Bridge and if you have any questions about the lessons, you can ask them in the page comments at the bottom of the lessons. If you're having difficulty with a lesson it's important to ask for help as we are regularly updating the lessons to improve them based on member feedback.

60SecondBridge Team

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