29 Bridge Practice Hands

Below you can play some of the hundreds of practice games available to 60SecondBridge members. 

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Suit Games (4 of 20)

Choose between a finesse or playing for the drop Members Only
Only a part game in NoTrumps but game in a suit Members Only 
Counting opponents discards in the diamond suit helps in making this contract Members Only
Game in a major suit found after a club suit opening Members Only
Game in hearts however you can make slam, even without the spade ace Members Only
Refusing to bid NoTrumps and ending up in game in a minor suit Members Only
Counting cards as they are played is the key to optimising tricks Members Only
Holding three suits of 4 cards each what's your first bid? Members Only
Game in a major suit making an overtrick Members Only
Tricky to make despite your points, can you make your contract Members Only
With 6 cards in trumps in 1 hand you don't lose control of the trump suit Members Only
Finesses give you overtricks if you make them the right way Members Only
You need to develop 2 more winning tricks to make your contract with only 1 entry Members Only
Bidding a 2 suited hand Members Only
Find the perfect contract with two 6 card majors and 25 points Members Only
The value of long side suits-If you don't draw trumps, you can make 13 tricks Members Only

Part-Games in a Suit (4 of 22)

Practice cross ruffing using small trumps in dummy as entries Members Only
Do you have the self discipline to stop bidding when there is no fit? Members Only
Competing over oppositions takeout double and the opposition steal a ruff Members Only
Know when to stop bidding to avoid trouble, part game contract Members Only
Remember to stop playing trumps after they've all been drawn out you will have 2 trumps in dummy and 1 in your hand Members Only
With minimum points should you bid game? Members Only
Practice the finesse and dropping opposition queens Members Only
Learn to say 'Pass' self discipline and stopping bidding even though you find a fit Members Only
Conserve entries into dummy for the best results Members Only
How strongly should you keep on bidding against the opposition Members Only
Partner prefers your spades and developing an entry is crucial Members Only
Squeeze the diamonds for best results Members Only
You can make overtricks with good declarer play Members Only
Overcall both of your suits to find the best contract Members Only
A Total misfit - Can you make 10 tricks with a 6 losing trick count? Members Only
No matter what you do you can't escape being in a contract Members Only
Don't be lazy and leave your partner in the NoTrump contract, you will be punished Members Only
Don't draw all your trumps at once Members Only

Games in NoTrump (5 of 14)

You do not have the minimum distribution requirement of a doubleton in every suit Members Only
Partner overbids and you need to carefully manage your entries to make Members Only
Makes 6D and 5C and 3NT Members Only
A nice little 3NT contract but you need to decide your line of play Members Only
Making over tricks with good declarer play Members Only
The opposition don't lead hearts - a gift for you Members Only
Lots of points and a 7 card Major suit, but who dares to bid NoTrumps Members Only
3NT - is there a way to play this hand to make your contract? Members Only
Squeezing Hearts you notice the opponent's discard JH promoting your 10H Members Only

 Part-Games in NoTrump (2 of 7)

You can make game in No Trumps holding only 23 HCP Members Only
Only a part game in NoTrumps but game in a suit Members Only
Counting cards as they are played is the key to optimising tricks Members Only
Partner invites you to 3NT do you accept - practice a holding up safety play? Members Only
Multiple finesses in order to make this 1 level contract Members Only

Overcalling Practise (5 of 15)

Overcalling, invitational rebids and bidding to game Members Only
Overcall or takeout double, which is best? Members Only
Making a pre-emptive response with a 3 level jump Members Only
Should you respond to partner's overcall and how high can he go? Members Only
Takeout double over a preempt by the opposition Members Only
Competitive bidding by overcalling your major suit Members Only
Overcalling at the 1 level gives you better points Members Only
When a penalty double backfires on the opposition Members Only
How high can you bid before you lose Members Only
A nice little tricky hand to play after you overcall Members Only

Games Using Takeout Doubles (4 of 7)

Takeout double, sometimes you need to decide which is your least dishonest bid Members Only
Make a takeout double to find a part game in diamonds Members Only
If you overcall at your first bid partner does not know about your 16 HCP and you do not get to game Members Only
Takeout doubles, supporting partner's response Members Only

Slams (2 of 12)

With only 19 points -several plays needed to make a slam contract with inadequate points Members Only
Which Ace asking convention should you use with this hand - Gerber or Blackwood? Members Only
Use the Blackwood convention to bid a minimum points slam is it on or off? Members Only
A minimal points small slam using Blackwood Members Only
Using point count and ace asking to find slam Members Only
Practice bidding conventions to reach a slam contract Members Only
Bid and play a grand slam Members Only
With 27 HCP this hand can makes slam - but should you dare to bid it? Members Only
Use the Blackwood convention to explore slam. Small Slam or Grand Slam Members Only
Punish opponents with a redouble 'XX' Members Only
6C,6H and 6NT all make Members Only

Defensive Play (4 of 18)

On defense take 3NT light by returning partners lead suit at the first opportunity Members Only
Take the opposition light with good defensive play Members Only
Overcall or takeout double - sometimes silence is golden Members Only
Weak 2 opening and the opposition overcall 2NT Members Only
Sometimes you get higher scores by taking the opponents light - convert your negative double into a penalty double Members Only
A takeout double is converted into a penalty double by your actions Members Only
It's crucial to make the correct opening lead against a 4S contract Members Only
If you make a penalty double the opponents can bid there way out of trouble Members Only
Don't bid after a takeout double is cancelled by opponents Members Only
Take the opposition light by following opening lead rules... Members Only
On defense you are always trying to create opportunities for the opposition to make a mistake Members Only
After a bid-fest lead a spade and take them light with good defensive plays Members Only
Unblocking the club suit gives you victory. Members Only
Unblocking when following suit takes the opposition light Members Only

Strong Openings (0 of 5)

Practice making a negative response to 2C opening Members Only
Responding to a Stayman bid Members Only
Don't respond to a strong 2NT opener for best results Members Only
Practice making a Stayman Bid after a 2NT opening Members Only
Respond positively to a 2NT opening bid and practice making 3 finesses Members Only

Preemptive Games (0 of 5)

Responding to partners weak 3 bid - when can I? Members Only
Should I open a weak two or a 1 level bid Members Only
Find the correct opening bid for this hand Members Only
Pre-empt and stop the opposition finding their fit Members Only
The opposition can make 4H if you don't pre-empt. But will they bid it? Members Only

Bridge Conventions

Weak 2 opening and the opposition overcall 2NT Members Only Weak 2 opening and the opposition overcall 2NT Members Only

Different Bidding Systems give different Contracts (0 of 12)

If your system is set as Standard American you will sometimes find yourself in a different contract to players who use Acol. These hands are in this section because they are examples of this. Checkout what an Acol Player ends up in by visiting the hands of the day list for Acol players here

On Defense - Lead 4th highest from longest and strongest Members Only
Part game in No Trumps - playing to make 9 or 10 tricks Members Only
Should I open a weak two or a 1 level bid Members Only
Overcalling - you can make 11 tricks (game) in Acol and Standard American but do you bid it? Members Only
Sacrifice bidding with a balancing takeout double or an overcall. Members Only
1NT or 2H what does your system prescribe Members Only
Slam in Acol, but 4H in Standard American Members Only
A tricky hand - how can you get to game Members Only
Opponents in 1NT, or you in 2D - what is the best contract for scoring points Members Only
2NT or 2S the battle of the bidding systems Members Only
You are on defense but lose less when they make it, than being in a contract and going light Members Only
5D makes easily, for 600 points but 4S gets you 620 points. Members Only

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