Daily Bridge Competition


 Is this your first time playing the competition? If so then please read the details below first.

Our Bridge competition starts with a set of new games each day. The competition starts at: 

10pm Pacific Daylight Time
12am Central Daylight Time
1am Eastern Daylight Time
5am Greenwich Mean Time
4pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time

The game contains hints to assist you with your bidding  - click on the '?' (or on another player's bid) on the bidding pad to see the hint.

So lets get started: click on the link above and you'll see two icons 'Competition' and 'Results':

Click the 'Competition' icon to play:
  •  You must complete each of the first 10 games
  • If you skip (or don't complete) any of the first 10 hands then you are not in the competition
  • you can play more games but only the first 10 games each day count towards your ranking

After competing 10 games click the 'Results' icon to see your results and those of other players:
  • On the results table, click the < or > symbols to see previous days' results
  • After playing a game you can click on the name of other competitors in the results table and view their bidding
  • You can also see all players bidding from previous days (even if you have not played those games)

Please ensure you have set your 'bidding system' in your profile page before playing, otherwise the default play will be 'Standard American'.

You must be a member to play the competition. If you are not logged in you will be directed first to a login page to login or signup for a trial.

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